Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesdays are for Lunatics

Tuesdays have been just nuts for quite some time now. I think it goes all the way back to January when we had a full day of school for Max and swim lessons for the twins then skiing, and finally boy scouts. We actually had to suspend boy scouts for a few weeks till we were past skiing because of problems with him being a total bear in school on Wednesdays.

Anyway, eventually intramural skiing ended and then Max did the fitness club and the technology club on Tuesdays, which gets him home just before 6, I try to feed everyone something as fast as possible, and then he was off to boy scouts. Only sometime around the time of the wooden car races, Chris got roped back in as a volunteer and so here we are.

This morning I spent literally three hours sewing patches on boy scout shirts. Most of those on Chris' shirt, but Max's shirt was getting too small, so Chris bought him a new one, and that meant transferring his patches from his old shirt to his new shirt. Partly it took that long because those things are hard to get a needle through, but mostly it took that long because I just don't have very good hand sewing skills.

Then I worked very hard at my paying work. tappity tappity.

And then it was that crazy hour when I have to feed everyone, so I did--bean and rice burritos with lettuce from the garden--and then Max and Chris went off to their Den meeting which was a BIG DEAL because Max got his Arrow of Light badge which only happened because Chris worked his tush off to make sure that every t was crossed and every i was dotted and I'm just so proud of them both I could burst.


Then I made a ton of cupcakes because the twins are graduating from preschool tomorrow and it just happens to be Ben's turn to bring the snack. So we are throwing our usual nutritious stuff to the wind and bringing in iced cupcakes.

The boys all really desperately need haircuts but I can't seem to find two hours to get them all over together. They're all supposed to be in bed, but I hear footprints, so I'm off to chase the offender back to bed and see if I can get two rows done on the Shetland Garden shawl. I'm so close to the final border.

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slawebb said...

I sent an email last week. Did you get it? I think our email might be nessed up again so I just wanted to make sure things are going through.