Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Squash, Beans, and Tomatoes, Oh, My!

After today's temp agency interview and paperwork festival, I came home and changed again into gardening clothes. I mowed, I raked, I dug up dandelions. I filled a large plastic bin with dandelions. I'm still not done. There are more dandelions to track down and dig up in my front lawn. But the yard looks better for it.

I planted the cherry tomatoes in the raised-bed garden. I put bean, squash, and watermelon seeds in the second, smaller front-yard garden plot. I put some sunflower seeds among the radishes, since the radishes will be long gone by the time the sunflower seeds get tall enough to shade them.

I eyeballed the rest of the tomatoes and peppers and decreed that if they're not hardened off by now--they never will be. So they're going out to the big garden plot tomorrow. Plus I need them to be living independently before I leave for the conference--so out they go. Hope at least half of them survive.

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Becca said...

I've been gardening for days and days, but it feels so never ending. Just this afternoon I found dozens of little volunteer tomato plants in the garden, and dill starts in the herb bed.