Monday, May 07, 2007


Today was busy. I started off with a few hours at a temp agency, registering for some paying work since my project which was moved from mid-April to early May, has been moved to early June (which they say is the latest possible start date now). Since I really can't afford to take 3 months off in a row, it was time to start bringing in some cash ASAP. Although technically I can't work at anything meaningful until I'm back from Toronto.

After the temp agency appointment, I ran home to change into gardening clothes and worked on the front yard until 2:30. It's starting to shape up nicely, although mulching around the bottom of the holly tree made me realize how much damage creeping weeds did to the lawn around it. Later in the summer when we have more money, I'm going to have to rake and reseed the portion of the lawn around that tree. I like to grow tomatoes. Grass seed--not so much.

Then I showered and changed into workout clothes. I picked up Max from school and we went to YMCA to burn calories on the treadmill. Max actually likes the treadmill, so even though it smacks of a "grown up" workout, we allow that one. After the workout, we ran home and picked up some plants I wanted to get transplanted into the community garden. The twinks came along, too. Chris ran off to find something he needed for painting tonight. Max was really very helpful in shlepping water from the spigot to the garden for the transplants. Now they just need to survive the ups and downs of spring temperatures. No problem at all for most of what we planted, but I put in two exploratory tomatoes and a few sweet peppers. They won't like the night-time temps if they get too low.

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