Sunday, May 21, 2006


I really should just go to bed. It's 1:00 am and I'm suddenly mad. Well, mad as of 11:30 pm. It was a productive day. I worked all day. I would get stuck for awhile and knit some on my sock, and then I worked some more. So in that way, it was a good day.

But I didn't get all the stuff DONE that I wanted to get done this weekend. I wanted to spend more time knitting, more time reading, and I wanted to finish three vowel-specific plays. Apparently that was too much to ask. So there was very little knitting done--some sock knitting today, but . . . I'd really wanted to finish the Orenburg sampler. I didn't even get the book open.

What DID I get done? I don't know. Some work. I worked all day today because it was Ward Conference and I admit I never go to Ward Conference. I went once with all three kids when the twins were 18 months old and I still suffer from tics when I recall that two-hour block of time and the way that it seemed to take 20 minutes to walk from where we were sitting through the aisles with all three kids because Max couldn't carry a twin, the twins couldn't walk, and at 25 lbs each or whatever they were then, they were a LOT to carry together. screaming. howling. All I know is I walked out the door and I won't go back for that particular meeting until the kids are maybe all in high school or something. maybe.

The twins had been asking for bikes so I gave them the spot in my budget I'd set aside for yarn for a sweater for Chris and bought two bikes at Dick's sporting goods. I'd checked Target, but a) they only had one 16" bike in stock (soooo unlike my beloved Target) and b) it looked like a toy, not a bike. (This is pretty common in the 16" size. You don't start getting into better quality until the 20" size.) But for a little more, I could get two 16" bikes at Dicks, and they came with an actual chain guard and front brake that really works (not that a front brake belongs on a 16" bike but whatever).

Ben and Milo haven't been on two-wheeled bikes before, but that didn't stop them from hopping on and figuring it out pretty quickly. My biggest problem was that the helmet Milo picked out didn't fit him, which I didn't know until we got home because of the way it was packaged. He wore it anyway, but he'd have been up a creek if he crashed. I went back today and traded it in for a larger size. Anyway, they're thrilled.

Planning is full speed ahead for summer. We're registering Max for summer swimming and fall football this week. The twins have to wait another summer to get to do anything because of those fall birthdays. So they get private swim lessons instead. Max's birthday party is scheduled and the invitations went out to the three boys who will get to go. We tend to keep these things small. There's a water slide not far from here--we'll take the boys there for the day and have cake and ice cream and bad food for lunch. Hopefully it won't rain. His birthday is two weeks from yesterday (gulp) but the party will be on the 10th because he has other plans for his birthday. He says he wants weights for his birthday. And then he rattled off a bunch of other stuff that I didn't bother to write down. I told him to go to Amazon and make a list because he can do that. I don't think he has yet though.

I want to teach the twins to read this summer. I can't tell you the huge amount of guilt I have surrounding this. I really feel AWFUL about it, which shouldn't be--I made no effort to teach Max to read beyond just reading to him all the time at this age. He wasn't ready and I knew it. Problem is that Milo and Ben are ready . . . and I know it. So every day I don't do anything about it is another mark on the Sucky Mom Calendar.

I know. Go to bed, Alaska. Okay, I will. I don't promise to blog tomorrow. I gotta finish those plays, then maybe I can play nice again. We'll see.


Eliza said...

Not a sucky mom calander! Didn't you get the Mom Memo that said to burn that thing? It's okay they haven't had formal lessons yet. I'm sure they've had a blast and aren't going to be bringing it up in therapy in twenty years.

Ziina said...

Hi Alaska and thank you so much! That yarn is so lovely and soft, we don´t have anything like that in sale here:)

The Queen said...

Ziina, wow, that was pretty fast! I'm glad you like it. I wanted to send something that probably wasn't widely available overseas--and I just truly, madly, deeply love that yarn. I'm making a pair of socks for my son in red out of the same yarn. (You should get a whole pair of adult socks out of one skein.)