Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sleepy, Sleepy Saturday

That title is misleading. The fact is that the kids had me out of bed before 8am, which is only significant because I stayed up till 1:40am finishing up a work project so I could start today with that behind me. I had intended to sleep in until about 10am and then get the day going, but I failed to fill the kids and poodles in on the plan and so there I was, more or less on my feet.

I can't do that--the whole staying up past midnight thing--as well as I could when I was younger. My brain suffers. But I'm still trying desperately to accomplish great things today since I know that tomorrow I'll feel even more wonky and anyway--I really need to spend all day tomorrow on church-related things.

So I stumbled around for long enough to get a handful of brain cells working cooperatively and started organizing the materials I needed for work today. This took two hours. There were a lot of materials and some of them needed printing out. Just as I realized that I was working with a horribly out of date resources (which threatened the success of one of my projects for today) the Saturday Fedex Guy showed up with a massive box from the client with new materials. Yay!

Finally I got everything loaded up in the car and left for the library. I always hope the librarians don't notice I'm schlepping half of my office up to the second floor (where the free wifi is). But the fact is that working here is quiet, doesn't involve having to get anyone juice just as I come up with a good idea, and gives me an excuse to claim some mileage on my tax form.

I spent the first hour downstairs in the children's room reading what seemed like two hundred easy-reader books. I was reminded again that most easy reader books are awful. No wonder Frog and Toad is so popular. True controlled vocabulary combined with subtle humor.

At any rate, back upstairs with my stuff and my 42 easy reader books, I'm transferring a bunch of music to my mp3 player in hopes of staying awake long enough to accomplish Great Things. Or at least, Things.

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