Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Visiting with the Aunts

After I wrapped up the work yesterday that I absolutely had to finish before I Could Go On With Things--we all hit the road. Now, Connie had to hurry home because she is blessed with grandbaby duty. Baby Spencer's Mom works for a Charter School (read: gets no time off, not even for having a baby--this is NOT Okay with Baby Spencer's Mom, but it is what it is, and at least she knows that her Mother-in-law would stick a needle through her own eye before letting harm come to Baby Spencer.) so Grandma Connie gets to be Daycare Grannie now. (Come the summer though, I think she should go into the Diaper Cake business, but I digress.)

Yesterday's errands were somewhat utilitarian in nature. Grandma Helen needed more ensure, Milo was out of night diapers, and I needed two more pork chops to make the meal. We were all really hungry while shopping at Wegmans, so we came home with more stuffed mushrooms and sushi than we really needed, but it'll all get eaten (I had half the leftover sushi for breakfast myself). From there we went to the Wine and Spirits store to get some wine and spirits (we had a dusty bottle of Merlot and I don't know what else, but none of what the ladies visiting usually drink) and then to Red Lobster for lunch. The twins were swell, but they seem done with their growth spurt and between that and a spring cold that seems to have removed their tastebuds, they hardly touched their lunch. So we brought home the leftovers and Chris polished them off.

After Red Lobster it was off to JCPenney for an outfit for Grandma Helen. They were having a 50% off sale so I grabbed one shirt for Max while I was there. Then we all found a pair of PJs we liked and Grandma treated us all to a round of new spring/summer pjs. It gets HOT in our bedroom at night in the summer (although thermal drapes is first on my list of things to get when I get paid with the "extra" check in May. Actually second on the list. First on the list is getting the trucks aligned and the tires rotated.)

From there we headed home as half the party really needed a good nap (it wasn't the four-year-olds) and I passed an hour and a half working on the Finnish Mittens instructions. We had pork chops for dinner with those mushrooms and sushi and homemade apple sauce and some green beans--a hudgepodge but it all worked out. We celebrated Caroline's birthday with a big ice cream cake from Meyer's Dairy and then called it a night. I worked another hour and a half on the Finnish Mittens instructions and then went to bed.

It was a weird night. Chris had bad dreams, Max had bad dreams--and I dreamed ALL night of trying to translate Finnish Mitten instructions. No, really.

This morning will be full of Things to Check off the List and then the afternoon stretches ahead of us. I think Charlotte and I will hit the LYS and then retire to house to attempt the first six rounds or so of the Finnish Mittens. I broke down and emailed The Yarn Harlot for help. It was she who first made Charlotte and I die laughing here and then caused Charlotte to slip and fall, swiping her mastercard on the way down over here.

Charlotte gifted me with Wendy Knits. I'm enjoying that very much. She also brought with her the book Mason*Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne. What an amazing book! I'd thought of hiding the book and letting her accidentally forget it here, but that would be mean, so instead I'm trying to figure out what I can cut from the menu plans so I can spend grocery money on it. Besides the fact that the book is a delight to read, it has an amazing assortment of NOT boring rugs. We really need some rugs. Ah! The aunts have arrived!

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Dy said...

Oh, you have Aunts, too! I love those visits! Have a delightful time enjoying their company.

BTW, I got your note, but have been horrible remiss at email lately. I laughed until I cried at the carpet letter. THANK YOU (it came at just the perfect time for a little humor injection!)

Thinking of you, and wishing you a great week!