Tuesday, May 16, 2006

But the Cat Came Back the Very Next Day . . .

My Toshiba Satellite laptop is the computer with nine lives. It has survived being dropped (not forcefully, not from a great height, but one of those slow, steady slips to the ground), having its battery charging chord yanked out of it's back by a thousand tripping twins (and having it's connector thingy welded back to the mother board by Toshiba because of this), being schlepped all over town (I know, it's a laptop, but it's one of those wide-screen desktop substitute laptops), and having water spilled on it. As of today, water spilled on it TWICE.

I was panicked, but the accident happened just as I was finishing up printing out a gazillion pages for the work I needed to do today, so after I mopped up what I could, I unscrewed its tiny screws and then set it up in front of a fan with it's guts hanging out so that it could dry out while I worked on --get this-- paper. In the end, I got quite a bit done, what with not being able to procrastinate on the Internet, and Toshiba gamely started up again three hours after the water bottle incident.

In fact, the way that it all worked out, I even managed to distract my brain from noticing that I turned something in around 12:30 and I ploughed right ahead with the Other Thing I had to get done today. So I finished that up tonight and sent IT in. I still have crazy amounts to do before close of business on Friday, but at this point, I still have a prayer of getting it all done. Normally by Tuesday I'm already conceding a certain amount of defeat. In this case though I seem to actually be getting caught up a bit.

I didn't get a lot of knitting done today--four stripes on the Green sweater--that's it. But that's okay. I only read another 40 pages in the knitting mystery. Then I felt obligated to try to go to sleep, since Chris had passed out on me an hour earlier. I closed the book, I closed my eyes . . . nothin'. WIDE awake.

dum de dum dum dum dum . . . sigh . . .

Then I remembered the chicken I'd been defrosting in the kitchen. Tomorrow night's dinner is a turkey leftover casserole, but I don't have any turkey leftovers, so I planned to cook chicken in the crockpot all day and then use that. So I got up again and started that plan early. I'll be able to pull out the bones in the morning. I started everything in the crockpot and noticed the time. It was 11:58. I'd been thinking it was 1:30! So I felt better about things, but was still wide awake.

So we get a short blog to help unwind the wound-up synapses. Now off to bed.

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