Thursday, May 04, 2006

Today I Worked

I worked and I worked and I worked and there is sooooo much left to do. So let's not focus on that. Let's focus on the sweet things about today.

Milo drew this picture. "I drew a biiiiiig rectangle. That's your bedroom. And this little circle here, this is me. I'm sleeping in your bed. Wait. I need a smile." Trots off. Trots back--now circle has a smile.

Me: "Is this a book?"

Milo: "No, that's my blanket. It's a square. And this (points to rectangle off to the right) is the window."

Me: "I can tell. It has light lines coming out of it."

Milo: "Yeah."

Trots off. Trots back.

Milo: "I added my dreams. I had six dreams." (indicates the squiggles coming from his circle head and heading towards the window).

Me: "That is very cool, Milo. Show Daddy."

Milo: "I'll add some more dreams then."

Trots off. Trots back.

Milo: "There. And I wrote the story at the bottom."

It was only later when looking at it more closely that I realized the "dreams" are really numbers written in "early preschool" handwriting.

Speaking of early preschool.

I did mention that I've never actually done any color work before, right? Can you tell?

So, it's a little messy and I probably am doing it ALL wrong. But the outside is coming along and I tell myself all those ends will make the insides nice and warm.

And this is where I need to stop.

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Eliza said...

Please tell Milo I think his number eight is perfect. Please have Milo tell you from me that your color work is bee-u-t-ful!