Saturday, September 15, 2007

All She Wants to Do is Blog

forgive me Don Henley.

It was a busy Saturday. The twinks had a birthday party to go to and I hadn't been to Target yet for presents. Once kids and presents were delivered to party, I hurried home and instead of working, balanced the checkbooks and worked on the budget. Then it was back to the party to pick up Ben and Milo. Max ran off to play with a friend and came home just in time for dinner. We had curried butternut squash and corn soup for dinner which is really a wonderful soup and I always feel so clever when we have it because the squash are from our garden and the chicken broth is from food storage and I already have all the spices and the corn was canned from corn grown locally. It tastes like fall and it was very much a fall day.

Blustery, as Pooh would say. There's a possibility of frost for early Sunday morning. I'm not sure what that means for my remaining tomatoes and hot peppers, except that if the frost holds off, I'm pretty sure I'll get a few more from the harvest before the real first hard frost comes.

When the temps drop like this, all I want to do is knit. I want to knit mittens for small hands and scarves for all the pups and pupdaddy and hats and sweaters and socks for them all, too. But there isn't time for all that.

Late last winter I knit up these socks for Ben for Christmas:

It doesn't take too much looking to see what the problem is. They're two different sizes. And it's the smaller one that's "right." I knit it a wee bit loose last winter and it'll fit him perfectly by Christmas. But when I went to knit sock #2, I upgraded (entirely unintentionally) from size 3 needles to size 5 needles.

For a million reasons (primarily because I wove in all those ends as I worked), I didn't rip out the second sock once I discovered the problem (which was after I finished the toe, anyway). I just set both aside until I could be reasonable about things. I have now decided to knit two more socks. One with size 3 needles and one with size 5 needles. One pair will be for this year and one for next. At least I love the yarn. Moving on.

This sweater needs button bands, buttons, and a collar. If I work on it tomorrow, I may finish it by tomorrow night. It will go off to baby Adwyn. I think. I'm not certain that's how her name is spelled.

These next two are from the beginnings of Twisted Orange Twist for Max (Cotton Fleece). I have a long way to go on this one. This is a mix of the Orange Twist pattern and the Narrow Panel with Little Lattice from Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Patterns for Knitting.

Now, for these next two, I have a "What Would You Do?" I have an error in this sweater. I actually have a few, but the only one I'm concerned with is that I have a knit a sweater for my skinniest child that is wider than it is long. Because this child eats like the little carniverous predator he is, I have no doubt that he will grow both longer and wider, but I'm wishing I'd made the back longer because a too big sweater can be grown into but a too short sweater must be passed along--and to whom? He doesn't have any chubby cousins.

So what I really want to do is cut off the ribbing on the back, knit a new ribbing and another two inches or so of sweater back, and graft the pieces together. I haven't gotten to the arm holes yet on the front, so I can just keep knitting on the front. Charlotte and anyone else with more experience than I, what do you think?

There. I'm off to finish the lesson I was working on, cast on a new Seuss sock using the size 3 needles again, and maybe start a button band on Adwyn's sweater. I really should finish that up.


Anonymous said...

Big-O Little -o what begins with O. Well any way, he wore his birthday sweater vest today when we went to Dutch Wonderland. It fits nicely. Don't count out chubby cousins yet, he ain't exactly svelt. Oompa-loompa comes to mind.

Aunt Charlotte said...

I know it can be done- I have never done it, but had a friend in Boston who did. I remember she said it was a pain, but she was extending an adult male sweater. Have you googled it?