Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Labor Day Weekend

It's been a busy weekend for us, but it's just about over. We don't have a BBQ planned for tomorrow--Chris needs to paint and I need to write and the kids need to squirm anxiously waiting for Tuesday to come and their first real day of kindergarten and 6th grade. Ben told me today that it was going to be "really different from Preschool." I had to agree.

I processed a lot of tomatoes. I had a little less than half a bushel of various varieties of cherry and plum tomatoes. About half of them were yellow varieties, so the juice is very orange. I've canned up quite a few pints of juice to drink, so I put these in quarts for cooking.

I had a little more than half a bushel of various varieties of larger tomatoes, and I had quite a few hot peppers, so I decided to do a batch of salsa. Salsa is more time consuming than just about anything else I can think to can up. Having to skin and de-seed each and every one of those tomatoes is just the biggest buzz kill. The end result is so worth it, but I can't say I enjoy skinning tomatoes. At all. On the upside, this year's salsa finally has some true heat to it. I don't think I can't call it more than medium, but I have two varieties of hot pepper that will be fully ripe in another two weeks and I think I have one more batch of salsa left in me--although perhaps not as large as this one.

After church today we headed over to Gaye's house to see what needed to be done. The kids sat in the living room and watched old Muppet show episodes while the three grownups worked on things. I mostly lined shelves and reorganized the tupperware. We were all tuckered out by 4pm, so we headed home then.

And that about brings us up to date. It's a big week coming up. We'll try to take some pictures.

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