Monday, September 17, 2007

I Have NO Self-Control

It's only September 17 and I cleaned out the wood pellet stove this evening and set the thermostat to 63. It came on! We only have the 30 lbs of pellets in the hopper of the stove, though. So Chris is right, my only real solution is another sweater. Luckily, things start to warm up again tomorrow and the rest of the month looks totally peachy.

Max is practicing his piano right now, but tomorrow gets to start a new musical adventure. He's taking up the drums in his school's instrumental music program. They get a 10-minute 1:1 lesson on Tuesdays in their instrument and on Fridays they get a half-hour or so as a "band."

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Hornblower said...

Ha. If that's lack of self control, I don't what to call myself. I turned on the gas fireplace for a couple hours in late August when it was consistenly in the teens in the morning. And the furnace clicked on at night yesterday. It's set to 22 during the day, and 16 at night. Roo keeps trying to notch it down but I hate, hate being cold.

63???? During the day? Heavens. I'd be chopping the dining room chairs to shove into the stove.

Hugo was watching Alone in the Wildreness (get it if you haven't seen it) and the dude is going on about how comfy he is with it being 5 degrees in his Alaskan cabin. Huh? Bleeding cold I thought. And then I realized he was a yank & it wasn't even Celsius but 5F - & that's just insane!

I'm a total wuss about cold :-)