Monday, September 10, 2007

Oops, I Did It Again

I drank Diet Pepsi after 6pm.

And now I'm GETTING WORK DONE! And it's GREAT!

But at 1 am I am going to be soooo bummed.

Now that Chris is Senior Scout Leader extraordinaire of Troop 40's 11-yr-olds, I get to sew a LOT of patches on shirts. HIS shirt gets lots of patches and Max's shirt gets every patch that Chris gets, but more. I am historically pretty shakey on the hand-sewing, but things are looking up. I even managed to go two whole weeks without losing my favorite thimble (which you need to get the frackin' needle through the patch). But it's gone again today. Even so, I've sewn on three patches this afternoon. This is a new record for me. Ordinarily I don't even start sewing on the patch until an hour before the meeting is supposed to begin. This time I was done a whole day early.

Chris is supposed to be coming up with a patrol cheer. This was my suggestion.

Ready? Okay!
Give me a boom!
Give me another boom!
Give me a cardiac arrest!
Lightning Squad!!

(I learned everything I know about cheering from T-T-T-Torrance! in Bring It On! Also, the above is funnier if you picture Kermit the Frog delivering it complete with the waving arms. Maybe Gonzo the Great should do the boom lines.)


Deb said...

oy, AK .. use a machine!!! : ) I have sewed countless girl scout badges (two brownie vests, one junior vest, and another one getting ordered ASAP for Miss Becca). My trick is to use quilting thread (clear), so it doesn't clash with the badge. zip, zip on the machine, and voila!

The Queen said...

Oh, dear, now you've got me thinking it would be fun to have a sewing machine again :)

I wandered into the sewing machine section at Sears today and looked them over ;) Maybe for Christmas.