Sunday, September 23, 2007

Finished Object

I'm embarrassed to admit it's not Adwen's sweater.

These are the Seuss socks (Gems Louet, sportweight). I wasn't following a pattern which is why I made yet another horrific error. When I made these I carried the alternate yarn color along the seam. After I turned the heal, the seam was on the bottom. Well, now there's a serious SEAM running along the BOTTOM of the poor kid's socks!

I offered to redo them AGAIN, but Ben declined. He said they were fine the way they are and he loves them. (Sniff, the kid really has unconditional handknit love down pat.) I told him they could be sleep socks (because he hates to sleep with bare feet and in the winter, I don't blame him) and showed him the Socks-that-Rock yarn I'll be using for his next pair--a simple pair of ribbed socks that will be knit all in one length of yarn and have no seams. Sigh . . . you'd think I learned to knit yesterday.

But they are cute!

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