Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kittens and Bulbs and Heatstroke, Oh My!

Tuesday is so unbelievably full that after it's over I kind of feel like I'm golden for the week. That, and the first graders I work with on Reader's Theatre prove I've forgotten everything I knew about classroom management. They are soooo little and soooo cute and soooo out of control! So every time we all live through my 45 minutes of an attempt at volunteer reading instruction, I'm just so relieved.

But today seriously competed with Tuesday for overscheduling. There was workwork to do, Parent Advisory Council stuff to do, gardening to do (we needed to plant bulbs along the front of Gaye's house--which only took us about an hour but the temperature rose like 15 degrees during that hour), and the kids had been bugging me to stop by Gaye's house after school so they could see the kittens again (read: scoop up the kitties and carry/cuddle them around the house like cute little pieces of crumpled aluminum foil. The kittens were AMAZINGLY tolerant of this--once captured).

By the end of the day Max and Chris had been to their first Boyscout honor court (they came home suitably impressed. Jess, if you're still reading the blog, Max would LOVE LOVE LOVE a photograph of Alex's framed Eagle/Boy Scout things. He is now SURE he wants to be an Eagle scout someday and he wants to see his Uncle's stuff.)

Max, Ben, and Milo had another great piano lesson each. (This week I managed to stay on top of the twins' piano practicing. Some weeks I don't and we slink into the lesson red-faced, having made no progress since the previous week. Some weeks me manage to practice "some" and they make okay progress, and some weeks we really nail it. This week we practiced lots, but I thought the kids weren't quite ready yet for their lesson--Milo needs a little more time, but Ben nailed piece after piece and I was proud of him for it.)

And now I seriously MUST get back to workwork or I'll be up till 3am with it again. (Which makes for a crabby Mommy.) (And Charlotte, whoo-hoo on only being 2,000 behind me!)

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Blurker said...

The proper name would be Boy Scout Court of Honor. I know it picky but it's important to the ones standing up in front of those folks. The real fun ceremonies are actually Order of the Arrow tap outs and inductions. Puppdaddy can email me if he want to know about those.