Thursday, December 29, 2005

December 29th

Ahhh, December 29th. To much of the world, 'tis but a sluggish day between holidays. To the Planning Personality, 'tis a day that can be spent avoiding all true responsibilities and work by planning, planning, planning the new year.

Although I am, in fact, a Planner, this year I *didn't* go overboard with any of the above. I did sign each of the kids up for another class -- but only one. See? I'm learning. The twins get the first level of swim lessons at the YMCA and Max gets 4 ski lessons through the public school's intramural ski program. I'll grant you that he's still got basketball -- but only two days a week -- and a ton of piano -- but that's like apologizing for making the kid read, learn Latin, and do math every day. Ooooh, mean mommy.

The only "change" I've made to Max's school plans is the one that has become traditional with us -- we resolve to crank up the writing in the second half of the year. The reading change doesn't count. That wasn't a resolution so much as a response to changes I saw in my student's needs.

I don't feel moved this year to any other larger resolutions. I think in part this is because I am experiencing some success in the areas in which I used to make resolutions. I'm gradually losing weight in a healthy manner. I'm getting more exercise and in a way that also addresses my need for more time for myself. I had already cut up all but one credit card. We didn't come here to dig in deeper. Uh-uh. We came here to make it all better. All. of. it.

I have some books I'm reading and some books I plan to read. I have some knitting and needlepoint projects at hand. I received a swift for Christmas -- a gift I really, really, really wanted and just did NOT think I'd get -- I expect it to get some use (I've had a ball winder for years).

I got an RCA Lyra and it's been great for inspiring me to hit that go-faster button on the treadmill. I got a ton of kitchen stuff and I've already used it all. Even the fat separator.

This will be a busy year. Steady work (I'm booked through August, and possibly beyond), my baby sister's wedding, J and K's first baby, the twins will almost certainly learn to read and write (some more) and add and subtract. Max will continue to learn new sports and Chris will continue to follow his muses. I will continue to grow our food storage, shrink our debt, and play the role of family spiritual leader (albeit with a level of uncertainty I usually reserve for sports involving hand-eye coordination -- which I largely lack). We're not waiting on our ship to come in. We came here to build it with our own hands. I've never been afraid of hard work. I might be getting too old for some nonsense, but hard work and praise for all God has given us only seems to come easier as I age. Funny how that works.

Not that I'm feeling cocky. Hardly. I have NO idea how I'm going to find time for everything. But you know, you can't tell me Noah didn't occasionally have to take out a section and redo it. "Oy. Look at that. No way is that right. Yo, son! How many cubits was I supposed to make that?"

"32?!? Shoot. I thought it was 23."

God gave and gave and gave this year. He gave and gave and gave and gave. So did Chris. I'm so grateful.

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Jill said...

This one sure made me smile! I'm so happy you're happy and satisfied with where you are....and getting closer by the week to having your ship built the way you dreamed it would be. You are an may not believe it or feel it but it's true. Hugs, Jill