Friday, December 30, 2005

Post Christmas MeMe

I stole this from Writing and Living. Portions of it I'm not even bothering to rewrite because they're exactly perfectly true.

If you received a Barnes and Noble gift card in your stocking (or just wish you had)...

As a matter of fact, I did. Because nothing says "I love you" like a Barnes and Noble gift card.

1. Do you go to the brick and mortar store or use it online?
Brick and mortar store. But I'm hoarding it for the next Dickens book.

2. Do you think "This is mine, all mine!" or "I've been wanting such-and-such read aloud for the kids?"
All mine. But I if Max is with me when I spend it, I won't be able to tell him no.

3. Do you buy yourself a nice B&N coffee from the cafe, or consider that a waste of good Book Money?
Hot cocoa. I've been coffee free since, um, whenever that was that the Bishop gave a resounding 5th Sunday lesson on cranking things up a notch spiritually. I thought the least I could do was give up a bad habit on account of it being one of the most interesting Sunday School lessons I've attended in ages.

4. Does a $50 value on the card mean
A)Spend as close to $50 as possible without going over.
B)Buy one book and save the balance for next time.
C)Take $50 off a purchase of $100 or more.

It means D) Spend as close to $50 as possible but you can go over a smidge -- so long as the debit card isn't declined.

5. Do you take the children and consider it a fun family outing, or plan your trip for when your hubby can watch the kids?
With some exceptions, I usually won't bring more than one child with me to B & N. It's for their own good. I have some attention span issues when reading and literally can't hear and read at the same time. The incescent "Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy!" from a child trying to get my attention makes other grownups want to kick them.

6. And finally, do you make a beeline for your favorite section (and what section is that?) or do you browse the new releases and recommendations up front when you walk in the door?
I browse but there are are sections I ignore. I don't usually check out those sections upfront with the big flat books. I don't usually go to the parenting/pregnancy section anymore. Computer How-to? Not so much. But knitting, fiction, biographies, and cookbooks get a good browse.


Writing and Living said...

LOL at number 5. I took my oldest with me to B&N when he was about 18 months and became completely absorbed in reading as he was wreaking havoc in the store. I'll never forget the exasperated employee walking up to me, looking at my son and saying, "Ma'am, can I help you FIND something?"

Dy said...

Happy New Year, and may this year find your roots going deep and your puppies healthy and strong. {{hugs}} It's been quite a year, and you MADE IT!!

*tossing confetti and eating pizza to celebrate*


Faithful said...

Ok, I happened onto your blog and I am utterly envious! Can you please give me suggestions on making mine look as precious as yours?
Thanks in advance!

The Queen said...

faithful -- Edana did it for me. Her work is here: but she's on bedrest right now. She might be able to refer you to someone though!

cactus_wren said...

Take care on the ride home.I read your blog all the time and this time just felt so sorry for you, I would feel sick too.