Friday, December 02, 2005

Mommy . . .

Milo: Mommy . . .
Me: Yep.
Milo: Mommy, I'm gonna go to the North Pole. I guess I better go potty first.
Me: I guess!
Milo: Then, um, then, um, then I'm gonna put on pants and shirt and socks and shoes!
Me: Yep, you'd better dress warmly if you're gonna do that.
Milo: [Thinks better of it.] Maybe I could wear my jammas to the North Pole!
Me: Ohhh, well . . .
Milo: But!
[Mom pauses in stuffing preparation to look at him expectantly.]
Milo: I'm gonna wear my SPIDER MAN jammas!
Me: Ah, yes, well, at least they'd be clean.

Yes, it's 3:45 pm and Milo is changing out of one pair of jammas and into another. It's been a rather laid-back day for them :) Although, apparently, Milo has big plans for the evening . . .

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Eliza said...

Annabelle did that yesterday, only it was from one pair of *new* PJs to another *new* pair. It's got to be great living with a Grandma that likes to sew :D