Friday, December 16, 2005





:::sn--BIG NOSE BLOW:::

:::tosses soggy tissue into trash:::




Risha said...

If it goes on for too long, get the drugs. Really. Trust me on this. It was ugly for me. Oh OH OH! Airborne. Seriously. Even though you're already sick, it helps A LOT!

Amy said...

Feel better, Alaska!

Patty G in CA said...

ZICAM ....that's all I have to say... ZICAM

MJ said...

Sending healthy thoughts...hope you can feel the penetrating rays:) Hot, hot Sleepy Time Herbal tea is my favorite cold cuddle up drink. Some of my friends swear by zango, but I've never tried it, and I certainly can't spell it beyond using simple phonetics (I think it's Xjango). I hope some rest helps turn things around!