Saturday, December 10, 2005


I've never been a huge fan of Wal-mart. In general, it's really low on my list of places to shop. The products I do look for there are all-cotton t-shirts for the kids and canning supplies when my other two places have run out. I've never shopped there for X-mas presents.

This year however, their layaway policy seemed promising. I'd never done layaway before but I decided I'd give it a try this year. I went in and located the items I wanted to get the kids for Christmas, put down $60 (more than the 10% required, but still just a token amount), and left.

I went back yesterday to finish the transaction.

60 minutes later I left having given them all my cash, with no presents. The computer burped whemn printing out the receipt and they thought they'd somehow credited my credit card hundreds -- while agreeing that was impossible because a) no manager had turned the key and b) we weren't working with those kinds of numbers.

I went back with Max 30 minutes later (I'd had to pick him up from basketball) and tried again to make some progress. At least this time I left with my copy of the receipt. I'd paid a LOT of money for a few expensive toys and had NOTHING.

This morning I went to my bank, obtained proof that they hadn't put anything into my account, went to Wal-mart. Thirty minutes later they were ready to give me a $10 gift card and send me on my way still with nothing while they "figured things out."


I got a refund. And the $10 gift card. But it was too much. They refunded me the amount they owed me PLUS $88.77. I told the manager this when he gave me the money but he pointed to the receipt and swore it was right and I was now flustered enough to just take the money and go.

Halfway to Target I realized where the guy had gone wrong in his math. I was NOT going to go to hell for Wal-mart, but at the same time I wasn't going to turn around again.

I shopped at Target, got back in the truck, went to Wal-mart, gave back the the $88.77 and went home.

Personally? I think it should have been a $20 gift card, but for now we'll consider a simple sign that my usual inclination to shop in bright, clean, organized RED Target instead of dark, cold, massive, disorganized Wal-mart was spot on. Wal-mart is for canning supplies. Target is for everything else. At least for me.


Eliza said...

We do most of our shopping at Wal-Mart here. It's very clean and people are friendly. I love Wal-Mart for cutsie girl clothing.

I do know your pain. I would have been screaming mad.

Slawebb said...

Don't you know walmart is the right hand of the devil? It's true! And we don't want to support the devil, now do we? There is a move out called "Wal-Mart: the high cost of low price." I bet Chris would like it. Some spoof commercials etc. Of course I haven't actually seen it, but I heard it was good. I oick Target too. Much cleaner and organized. You should read Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto. You'd love it.

Writing and Living said...

Preach it, Sister.

I hate Wal-Mart as well. Unfortunately, they have driven the other grocery store in our town out of business. When I have the time to the next town to the good stores.

Anonymous said...

Walmart. Ick.

Of course, for the TRUE Walmart experience, you should go a little further south. It's impossible to shop a Walmart south of the Mason-Dixon without hearing someone yell, "Bobby Joe, git back here right now or I'll whup your bee-hind. Hand momma one of those NASCAR toilet lid covers. No, not the Bobby Labonte one neither."


Amy said...

I hear ya, Alaska! I cannot think of a time I've been to Walmart when the aisles are not cluttered with shopping carts full of items to be restocked, but no stock person in sight! It makes me want to scream.

I heart Target.

MJ said...

Major Target fan. Whenever we've made moves across the nation, my first question to DH has always been, "Is there a Target?"

Walmart - ugh. I don't shop there partly out of the lack of organization and partly out of principle. I have become a huge fan of micro-economics/micro-finance with some recent education on the topic at church:

I'd much rather support my local organized Target and continue to search out some sort of opportunity to get into micro-economic welfare through the Church or BYU Humanitarian organizations.