Sunday, January 22, 2006

After Ten Years, I Know When He's Lying

Lapper808 [8:25 PM]: You promised me brownies.
BringsCrickets [8:25 PM]: I did not!
Lapper808 [8:26 PM]: We've been married for over 10 years. At least once, probably more times, in that timespan you have promised me brownies and not delivered.
BringsCrickets [8:33 PM]: But over a gazillion times I did deliver. I think, therefore, that it's YOUR turn to add the egg, oil, and water to the brownie mix, stir, pour it in a pan, stick it in the oven, and set the timer.
Lapper808 [8:35 PM]: No comprende
Lapper808 [8:35 PM]: Add egg to oven. Stir pan.
BringsCrickets [8:37 PM]: I know your high school GPA, dude. I know your college GPA. While not nearly as stellar as mine (okay, that's not true, my high-school GPA was pretty mediocre) it's high enough to read the side of a Brownie Mix box.
Lapper808 [8:40 PM]: If I have to operate the Krusher 5000, I might lose a limb.
BringsCrickets [8:42 PM]: Yeah, power equipment has always been a problem for you. It's okay -- a spoon will work fine.
Lapper808 [8:45 PM]: spuh. . . what? How many valves does that have? Overhead cam or pushrod? If it works like a Rubicon's hydrostat tranny I'm fine. If not, I'm as helpless as a little girl.

He cracks me up. And no, there are no brownies cooking. But he is doing a nice job of keeping the kids occupied while I work. Milo comes in every ten minutes to update me on the plot of Ice Age. He was kind of scandalized during a diaper changing scene. "The BABY took off his UNDERWEAR!"

I don't remember that scene, but according to Milo, it's there.

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Eliza said...

The next time he does that, see if you can send him over the edge of brownie love my mentioning that he can mix in a bag of chocolate chips to said brownies.

Let's just see if he doesn't comprehend warm hot brownies WITH CHOCOLATE CHIPS in them, hum?!?