Saturday, January 14, 2006

Oooooh, Shiny!


THANKFULLY it's too advanced for me because it is NOT in alignment with my knit only from stash policy.

Blessedly, this one is even harder:

I like this one. It appeals to me :)

I think I could swing this one:

But back to my stash. My grandmother bought me this poly-cotton yarn a few years ago:

It's a very pretty deep blue -- like the sky right before it goes to black at night. And I have enough to knit a man's XXL sweater. Only getting MY man to wear ANY sweater is nearly impossible. On the other hand, Ben and Milo are still slaves to my fashion sense and LOVE to be knit for. So bring on the ideas.

I have enough to do this one, times two--only all in one color:

NO. But is the kid not adorable?

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