Monday, January 16, 2006

I LOVE Federal Holidays

They give me am opportunity to get caught up with work. Today I'm reading children's poetry aaaalllll day. Some of it is pretty awful. Some is cute. Most of it I can't use.

I just read this:

I've taken to listening to his show online. It's inspiring stuff. I like his message because it's, well, it's not above my head. Also, listening to other people call in and talk about their situations gives me ideas, sometimes hope, and sometimes gratitude that I don't really have it all that bad.

If you're starting to wonder if you'll EVER get out of debt, read that book.


Indicating that I might have lost any sense I ever had, I gently ended my 7-year business relationship with Bill the accountant who keeps me out of jail. That this is the WRONG year to do that, is obvious -- I'll have two different state tax forms, a house sale, a dormant S corp . . . what a mess. But I decided that I really need someone local. You know, since we're never, ever, ever moving again. I learned SO much from this accountant. SO much. All I can hope for from the next one is to not hate him.


It's colder again today. I hope to sit some in my green chair with my warm wool blanket and knit. Chris is painting cars. The twins are playing cat/dog (no, not THAT catdog, in this one Milo is a cat and Ben is a dog and they wander around the house doing catty and doggy things. Housetrained catty and doggy things.).

Max just got back from Jill's house with Brian. I sent them over with an overnight pull up and she sent them back with five eggs so I can make brownies, LOL. I love having neighbors I know! I also love that I didn't have to go out in 29 degree weather.

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