Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Quick Photo Blog

While my office is briefly at a point where it won't embarass me with its clutter, here are photos of it (and my stash). See the pretty new swift? I LOVE that. I've had the same painted-blue door over two filing cabinets desk for three years now. It could use a new coat of paint, but I'd want the same color blue again. High gloss.

On the far right is my math manipulatives stash. All those green and blue shelving thingies are full of different kinds of math manipulatives. I love that, too!

The ball winder that goes with the swift is in the front there on the edge of my desk.

These are the larger portions of my stash. Those three bottom buckets used to be full, but I've been good about knitting from my stash, and they're gone now except for one lonely skein of weird orange mohair that I haven't quite come up with a plan for yet.

This is the smaller portion of my stash. These are primarily orphans left over from projects past. I have a new washcloth pattern that is actually really pretty and fun to knit, so I'm turning some of the cotton into washcloths for birthday presents.


GailV said...

What a set-up -- yarn and math manipulatives. Fill those shelves up with more books, and you've got my fantasy room.

The Queen said...

Those are mostly work/homeschool-related books. The book-books are upstairs in our library/living room.

Barbara said...

Love the office! There are many similarities with where I am sitting right now in my home.

I have the very same desk, but it never occurred to me to paint the door -- and after a big office overhaul-reorganization-rearranging thing a week ago (major paper organization ongoing) I think I'll wait for a while before doing anything else that requires moving the computer, printer, router, etc. (dear husband got stressed!). I love the blue on yours. I also have a nearly identical black tower of little drawers, but it's set on a couple of small boxes to make for a better height.

I also really like your lightbox rig. My desk is now set up so I sit at a bright window, which might help my seasonal thing a little bit. My mom suggested I look into renting a lightbox to see how it goes for me.

I love your many shelves; mine are more horizontal with room above for maps and kid art and such. My homeschooling books and materials live in the living room, and my yarn and paper art and needlework stuff lives in my bedroom, needing proper storage. I'm thinking about putting a basket of yummy yarn in my office for the sheer delight of it.

Thanks for letting me enjoy some similarities!

May I ask, what is your new washcloth pattern?

Scooby said...

In light of National Delurking Week, I am here to say hi there! I do read your blog and my life is always a little more entertaining and blessed because of it!

aka Scooby at A Place to Grow

Amy said...

Well, I finish my Blog Entry of Shame, and come here. Now I am doubly shamed. Triply. Nice setup

Risha said...

I'm dense. What's a swift?

The Queen said...

It's the umbrella-looking thing. You put yarn on it and it makes it really quick and easy to wind the yarn into a center-pull ball (which prevents it from turning into an expensive, knotted mess that you hurl at the dogs in frustration. The dogs love that, btw. Ball! grrrr, happy bark, pant pant.)

Hillary said...

Ohh! I love the colorful organizers at the front of the photo!