Tuesday, January 31, 2006




Hmm? Oh, nothing.


Oh, alright. If you insist. Yes, I've the following items to complain about to no good effect:

1. I fell down the freakin' STAIRS like the light-on-my-feet-full-of-grace wench I am on Sunday morning. My boot heel caught on the carpet and I was carrying a huge food-storage bucket full of STUFF for the lesson I was giving in Sunday school. So I pitched forward and fell--then slid on my front--the rest of the way to the bottom. I was embarrased, I was um, stunned. But I wasn't hurt. Till the next morning. Here we are nearly two days later and I am STILL SORE ALL OVER. So wah to that.

2. I got an invite to my baby sister's wedding shower and I can't go. (Put the phone down, Dad. I'm not taking your frequent flier miles. It's a work issue--March, April, and May--and most of the summer really--will be insanely busy with work. I'm taking a week to go with Max to the wedding, and I'm hosting the 2006 Black Family Sister Party and that's about it for my social life this year.)

3. Just--it's Tuesday, that's all. On Tuesday the whole week stretches before you with a To-Do list like you read about. And we're out of bread and I don't FEEL like baking more. I made way too much pizza for dinner. We can live off of that another day.

4. I've been stuck at the same weight for four weeks straight. Wah to that. And pass the chocolate.

5. Max is shooting up. He needs new pants and I'm feeling kind of "what's the point? He clearly has no intention of staying the new height either!" about it. But I admit, the only time we can't see his ankles is when the pants he's wearing are sliding off of the butt that once held them up. Pretty.



At least I'm not moving anywhere this year.


JoVE said...

Ooh, that fall does sound embarrassing. And what's with the pressure about a SHOWER. Heck, you are going to the wedding. Some people need to get a grip about what the important bit is.

(and you might want to consider avoiding the phrase 'Max is shooting up', especially as he gets older. People might take it the wrong way.

The Queen said...

No, no--there's no pressure to go to the shower. It was just a polite invite. In this moment it feels like a googlie million years since I've been to a good girlie event and that sounds like fun. So I'd LIKE to go, but just can't for a whole lot of really sensible reasons.

Eliza said...

I'm telling you, Sam's Club has got to start selling Tiger balm by the bucket. Just imagine being stretched out on a bed and having the warming melty feeling of nice Tigar Balm. You can lay that way for a few hours, then flip over and do the other side. If preceded by a nice hot bath with epsom salts it'd be all good and almost no pain!

Add some chocolate, it makes a girly time being had.

kristen said...

about max clothes -- have you checked freecycle? we have lots of kid clothes (kids of varying ages and stages) on our freecycle. or you could check craigslist. do you have craigslist there? and our kohls just had about everything kid related 80% off!! fabbo osh kosh jeans for 5.00! astounding.

i know, it's a whine and you're not looking for solutions. i'll shush now.

and sorry your body is sore and ouchy.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I know that blah feeling. We're entitled to a good whine every now and then. I hope the soreness has gone by now.


Patty in CA said...

"Max is shooting up"
note to self....add that to the list of never thought I'd hear that in this lifetime!

I miss you Alaska!!!!