Friday, April 07, 2006

In Which Anne and I go Head to Head with the Postal Service . . . .

So Anne graciously offers to send me her size 1 dpn's. I accept gleefully.

She does an amazing job packaging them. She puts two rubberbands around a piece of thick card stick, staples along both rubber bands to create little pockets for each needle--basically makes the envelope as streamlined as possible. Lots of thought went into this.

But the post office has its own special karma--and it's wrong karma. (Hence the phrase, "going postal." It's just not a fun place to work.) This was my first clue:

That says, basically, "Uh . . . sorry 'bout your package there."

The envelope didn't require any further opening on my part.

And while two of the needles were unscathed. Two had experienced some pretty serious trauma.

I consoled myself with the thought that the needles had surely done some damage to the machine that had done damage to them.

Then--they're aluminum--I just bent them back into shape. They only need to be size 1. Size one "straights" doesn't have to be taken tooooooo literally. They'll work just fine :)

Thanks, Anne! My sock project is very grateful to you :)

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Anne said...

Phew, I'm glad they arrived mostly in one piece. After I put them in the mail I started worrying because that's what I do. It occured to me too late that I should have written "HAND CANCEL" on the envelope. BTW, it took me way longer than it should have to realize the Anne in your post was me. heehee.