Monday, April 17, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Finnish Mittens are "in da howz."

Charlotte's house, not mine--but she'll be bringing them to the shower/Sister Party weekend and we'll be castin on together after the shower. Whoo-hoo!!

No pictures, sorry. We got the grey kit and I can't read Finnish well enough to google up a picture.


Eliza said...

Finnish is an odd language. As English has lots of Latin and such thrown into it, Finish has lots of words from different Asian languages in it. As a friend of mine who is from Finland put it "All those raiders had to pause somewhere!". LOL.

I'm trying to remember to email you. Never go to the American Girl site, the games there are totally addicting and educational and they make you forget to email friends! LOL!!

Aunt Charlotte said...

Good Morning! We are confronting our first (1st) (of many) challenges. The pattern seems to call for needle size 2,3, and 5. The question is, do Finnish knitters use metric or British? (I have ruled out US) size knitting needles? Enquiring minds need to know.

The Queen said...

Oooh, good question! And our favorite Finnish blogger is on hiatus. I think I know who to email though.

The Queen said...

Grandma's yarn is from Finland and eyeballing their gauge and my tendency to knit too tight--I think Metric is a better match. They recommend 4's. I'm using US5. I'm getting one more stitch per inch than the gauge on the package. If they were British 4's there would be huge holes in the fabric!

But I emailed the Fins just to be sure.