Wednesday, April 05, 2006

On the Up and Up

You've got "procrastination" and then you've got "blatantly breaking the law." I admit to nothing but let me just say that today I went and registered my truck with CA tags in the state of Pennsylvania. I just thought, you know, in honor of our one-year-in-PA anniversary coming up . . . .

Right. So I also made a schedule (let's say that in the Euro way, Shed-youl) so I could see how much I have to get done of little Oliver's little outfits each day in order to make the upcoming shower deadline. This was a buzz kill.

Part of the problem right now is that I *love* everything I'm working on. I'm nearly done with the back of the shell-patterned blue sweater (that has a better name than that, but I can't remember it) for myself. The Jacquard superwash I'm using in a pair of socks for the twins is very pleasant though I intend to knit the second sock using a smaller set of needles and then compare--one of the socks will then be frogged. Either that or I do two more and then one twin gets a pair of socks on size 2 needles and one gets them on 0's or 1's. Chris' socks got a few more rows yesterday. I love the incredible softness of the wool I'm using in the twins' striped sweaters. (I'd better. I ordered enough of it to make a sweater for Chris--Chris who never wears sweaters says he WOULD wear it if it were big and kind of sweatshirt like. So that's what we're shooting for.) The prairie silk in particular is just the cat's meow. I could knit with that aaallllll day.

As soon as I get some good sun here again I'll take pictures so you can see how it is a miracle that I accomplish anything at all. I'm still knitting half from stash--the other half are recent aquisitions.

By the way--any ideas? I have this thinnish mohair/manmade blend that was hand spun/hand dyed. It's orange and yellow and red with occasional orangish-brownish areas. It's one solitary skein, but on the largish side. Well over 100 yards but I wouldn't bet on over 175 yards.

What do I do with it? I want it out of my stash and knitted up as SOMETHING. Because it's at least half mohair if not 75%, it would make rotton socks (unless you really didn't like the recipient). For the same reason I wouldn't wear it as a scarf. I thought it would make a cute cardigan for a baby girl--but I don't know anyone having a baby girl. Well, maybe I'll just knit it up as a baby girl sweater and then wait to get invited to a shower. (Thereby ensuring that my IRL friend's psuedo-secret pregancy is a boy. It's not really secret, she's just obeying laws of modesty and discretion that I wouldn't know anything about. I put out a press release when the stick first turns blue.)

Eh. Anyway, until I can figure out how to get paid for knitting (and I'll never get paid for knitting) I'd better go work on some phonics.

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