Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So yesterday I took all my knitting projects for Baby Oliver over to my local yarn shop to get a reality check. I laid out all of the projects, explained the time constraints . . . we came to the following conclusions:

1. The twelve-month sized outfit will not get done. However, the tunic (sized 6 months) probably could get done if I'd just stop working on the bigger outfit. I haven't acted on this yet, but . . . I'm going to the laundromat tonight to wash two blankets that don't fit in our washer and I guess I'll take the tunic.
2. They have four skeins left of the yarn that I was running out of for the twelve-month outfit. This is good as I can't touch what I have left of it since it's dedicated for the other sweater. Plus I did an internet search for it yesterday morning and discovered that it's discontinued and really hard to find now.

That's all really. I'm still blue about it. Obviously I had a HUNCH this was the case or I wouldn't have taken it over there and said, "Look, I got this, this, this much work, and this much yarn, what do you think? Any hope?"

So, okay, the size 12-month outfit can be a Christmas gift.

[As an aside, one of the owner's of the yarn shop asked me if I'd teach a beginning knitting class. I turned and looked behind me to see who they were talking to. There was noone behind me. I argued. She pointed out that it's just knit and purl. I thought,well, um . . . I told them to ask me again in late May or June or something. I'll think about it.]

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Anonymous said...

Oooh. You'd get to be a knitting guru. How cool is that!