Sunday, April 02, 2006


It was crazy beautiful today. At noon I put the boys in the truck and we headed to Target. I've avoided Target for months because Target is my happy place and I am financially undisciplined there. But Max needed a few things for school (like, a shirt that isn't two years old) so we went. We got Max two shirts and a backpack and a thermos (specifically, he wanted a soup thermos) and then we got some light bulbs--oh, and we found these balls in the sports isle--playground balls for $2.50 and a really decent basketball for $3.50. The boys had seizures of happiness, so I got two playground balls and the basketball.

Back at home I started the horrendous process of digging a 4 by 8 ft rectangle into the slope of my front yard for my raised bed. I have to dig into the hill because of the slope. It was nearly dark when I finished and it's still only roughed out--I need a wheelbarrow to haul the dirt to the back yard, and I need to level the area and put down gravel for drainage. And then I need to actually set the frame into the area. But I got a LOT of (gardening) work done today and am appropriately tired because of it.

At some point in the afternoon I put the kids back in the truck and we drove over to a neighboring village and picked up quite a bit of horse manure from a gal who was freecycling it.

We had delivery pizza and closed out the day with a second run to Target to exchange the backpack for one with a working zipper and to get some more groceries.

Max's lunch is made, his clothes are laid out for him, all three children have been bathed. I am grateful I'm too tired to think as my personal work to-do list is so long that I'd otherwise stay up worrying about it. That and other things.

We're off to bed.

[Dy, he's doing school now instead of just next year because of the weird way that "attendance" is figured for a charter school. The short version is that each class can only have 20 kids. The whole school can only have like 64 or something. Although it looks on paper like there will be 6 spaces available in fifth grade, any open spaces are prioritized for incoming kindergarteners. So in actual fact, they expect there to be no actual openings in fifth grade next year. Max really wants to do this, so after much soul searching and discussion--helped along by the fact that he'd finished his fourth grade math text already--we decided to let him do April and May at the school. This would make him an "existing" student and his space would be held for next year.]

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Dy said...

I do love Target. IT's a good thing we have to go all the way to "the big town" to get to one, or we'd be broke. Well decorated, but broke.

Having a cup of coffee and thinking of you this morning! :-)