Monday, April 10, 2006


Astonishingly, I not only made all of my deadlines this morning--I finished everything at a reasonable hour last night. So I went to bed with a book and still stayed up too late--but it was better than staying up too late to work. This morning Milo woke me just before the alarm clock would have and I pulled my 6-hrs-of-sleep tush out of bed and got on with the day.

It was a great day.

Max made his lunch. Couldn't find his lunch bag so he got another one out of the closet. Later in the morning I noticed the lunch bag sitting on Chris's desk. Chris insisted that Max HAD his lunch bag with him when Chris dropped him off. I looked in the bag. Fresh lunch.

I'm getting ahead of myself.

So we got everyone up and dressed and fed. Chris took Max to school and I took the twins to their preschool. I tried to find a sitter from among their staff for tomorrow afternoon, but struck out. From there I went home and met Chris and we hung out and had quality time. After a bit we hopped in the truck and went cruising by some smaller homes I'd seen for sale to see if they were anything Grandma Gaye might be interested in. Then we stopped by the yarn store. And finally, we went to get the twins.

From there it was home again--grabbed the missing lunch--dropped it back off at school. Then lunch.

And then the afternoon stretched gloriously out ahead. I gave it almost no thought. An electrician came by to look at the garbage disposal that doesn't have any power yet and therefore--doesn't work. He stayed an hour and took that long to establish that he *could* hook it up if he really wanted to. He thinks maybe he'll come back again tomorrow afternoon. ooookay.

Anyway, I spent most of the afternoon out on the front lawn. I borrowed the neighbor's wheelbarrow and got all the clay/cement that I dug out of the lawn two weekend's ago to the backyard (just beyond the property line thank-you-very-much). This took FOREVER but I figure it burned 7,000 calories, so maybe it was worth it. After digging MORE out of the bottom of the hole, I roped Chris into helping me put the frame in the hole.

Now--I just need a bunch of gravel and a lot of dirt.

By now it was after 6pm so I rounded up the kids and hubby and we went to Wegmans for bad chinese food and a few groceries.

And that was pretty much the day.

Chris and I are watching Must Love Dogs. I have most of my knitting projects next to me. I need to finish the back of Baby Oliver's outfit, but all the rest of my stuff wants to be knit on, too. So I brought it in and will do a few rows on everything as the movie goes.

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