Saturday, April 08, 2006

Quick Photo Blog

Ha! I'm so psyched. It's 11:40 pm and I'm already done with the four pages of math I had to get done today. I really didn't know if I *would* get those done. Now I'm full on to delude myself I can get the rest done in time for Monday morning's deadlines. :::unbalanced but happy dance:::

This morning was a primary activity. I was asked to "go around to each station with the group. But you don't have to do anything. Just be there."


Only--that really was the case. I was glad I brought my knitting. I got an inch done on the cotton sweater vests. The kids had a great time, but Ben, who has a cold, burned out about 3/4 of the way through and ditched his group to come sit on my lap and watch me knit. After ten minutes of that he was coaxed back to do a clay sculpture.

We came home, and I had to face cold, hard reality. I have a lot of work promised to people. They think these items will be "in your email when you come in Monday morning."

Last weekend we were doing this:

and this:

This weekend I frogged that sock. It was too loose--I didn't have 1s and the yarn said 2s would be okay--but they're not. Now I think I'm going to drop them down to 0s.

And then I had to face this:

Although it's not as meaningful with most of the print covered, but what can I say, it's not my copyright and I like being employed.

Staying on task was, blessedly, made much easier than last weekend by a return of very cold temperatures and icky rain and cloud-cover and general late-winter backlash. But hope springs eternal. There are tomatoes and sweet peppers--although I think I'm over watering them. What do you think?

So tomorrow will be two more pages of math, church, some writing for the reading people, some more writing for the reading people--and then a much more relaxed Monday. That will be nice.


Aunt Charlotte said...

I don't think you can over water a seedling, but ask Uncle Denny. What's the significance of the yin/yang candle?

The Queen said...

No significance--I just liked it. I got it at last year's Pampered Candle party! (or whatever that was called) You got it for me! It was just on the table next to the seedlings for some reason. (It's a flat spot--it attracts stuff.)