Friday, April 07, 2006

Maybe He's On to Something

"I'd just as soon they shut (Congress) down for a few years," said Robert Hirsch, 72, a Republican-leaning voter in Chicago. "All they do is keep passing laws and figuring out ways to spend our money."

Maybe they need a timeout. Send them all home and tell them to go get a W-2 job at whatever the U.S. National Average wage is for their area. The spending frenzy of the past two years is turning me into an old-school republican. (Well, that and my tax bill.) If I have to work four months out of the year just to pay my taxes, then by my knee, don't go spending the money like it's your lottery winnings.

(kidding--still a libertarian leaning democrat, but . . . sheesh.)

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Writing and Living said...

This libertarian leaning republican says, "AMEN!"