Thursday, August 24, 2006


The twinks have been pronounced, "Appropriate."

Their height is appropriate, their weight is appropriate, their behavior is appropriate (for age), and their overall health and condition is appropriate.

I can give Ben mineral oil for his constipation.

Milo's head will continue to even itself out as it grows.

Both boys charmed the heck out of the nursing staff. They named Milo, "The shy one" which is only true in the context of being Ben's brother.

They got varicella shots. Ben and Milo had no memory of getting a shot. They simply had NO CLUE what was involved with a shot. I tried to clue them in that it wasn't that fun without frightening them--I didn't want them holding ME responsible for leading them to think it was all fun and games. So it was to the nurses that Milo shot the horrified "what have I ever done to you" look and I got to comfort the sobbing, ambushed child.

Ben looked thoughtfully at Milo and politely declined the shot.

The nurses explained that it would keep him from getting sick.

Ben explained that it could keep him from getting sick "when I turn ten."

The nurses explained that he'd get the shot today and declining wasn't an option.

Ben actually took it all pretty well, but still needed a good hug afterwards.

pff. Parenting is tough. I've fought the varicella shot all this time, but they're supposed to have a googly million shots before they start Kindergarten in a year and I'd rather spread them out then have them get a shot for every childhood disease known to mankind in one visit next year. That just seems wrong. I can't claim religious exemption. I don't have a religious opposition to the varicella vaccine. I don't even have a really good reason for not liking it. So it was time.

The pretty doctor filled out the preschool health forms and we were off like a herd of appropriately-behaved cats.

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Eliza said...

Well, I can babble at you about all the vaccine stuff but I'm sure you've heard it all. I will cheer on Ben for trying to tal his way out of the shot rather than just running away and screaming. I still do that. Never mention a finger prick to Annabelle, or she'll do the same.