Friday, August 25, 2006


So I'm making decent progress on the green and white striped sweater version 2.0, and I decide maybe I'll go ahead and cast on Chris's sweater. I already knit the gauge swatch. The pattern uses this percentage system that lets you pretty much pick your own yarn and needle size. You calculate absolutely everything else you need to know based on your swatch. There are about three pages of numbers to fill in and then you're done!

I already did all that. Took a couple of hours, but hey--all done.

I know I need to cast on 248 stitches and then join them (without twisting) and knit ribbing for 18 rounds.


What I didn't write anywhere and can't for the life of me recall is WHAT SIZE NEEDLE I KNIT THE GAUGE ON.

At all. No clue.


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