Saturday, August 26, 2006

You Know It's Fall Where You Live When . . .

You know it's fall in State College, PA when every store including the grocery store and pharmacy carries Penn State pillows and blankets for sale and large blue signs appear by the sides of the road saying, "Football traffic next right."

You know it's fall in State College, PA when four out of every five kids are involved in one of the FOUR different football and cheerleading leagues. Including your own kid who is otherwise as nerdy as they come.

You know it's fall in State College, PA when it takes you twice as long to take the dogs on a walk because they have to play acorn hockey in between sniffing and peeing and pooping.

You know it's fall in State College, PA because the electricity goes out every third day when another squirrel trying to get creative with the hiding places loses the opportunity to pass on his or her genes by blowing out another transformer with their tail.

And finally, even though it's only August 26th, it must be fall in State College, PA because the local grocery store bakery put out the iced orange Halloween pumpkin cookies today.

What are the signs of fall where you live?


Eliza said...

Uh, the Lady Beetles start to bite meaning the soy bean harvest has begun and said beetles have no aphids to bite.

It's safe to go for walks around the block because the mosquitos aren't carrying off small animals or children.

You know school is about to start because Halloween candy is for sale.

The nightly low is about the same as the daily high in San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you that... I played your little game...

~Jo's Boys, in a BAD MOOD


PupDaddy said...

Elizabeth, you have my condolences. I despise those little beetles with a flaming purple passion. I don't mind that they bite, I mind that they come by the millions then die. And when they die they stink. And then your whole garage or window sill or patio door area smell like beetle carcasses. There are some here (the beans are TALL this year) but nothing like the midwest.

Dy said...

I'll let ya know when they start turning up. Right now, stuff is still in bloom! It's still over 100'. And it's still light right around bedtime.


I cannot wait for fall.

LH said...

It's Fall when your west coast home looks like State College all over again;
it's Fall When I wear my PSU-Mom Tshirt on accident and get stopped by west coast Penn Staters all the while I wonder "how did they know...???!!!....;
It's Fall when my PSU alum DD gets notes placed under her windshield wipers as to in which public place the PennStaters hang out to watch the games;
I suppose when it's Fall in State College, it's State College everywhere :-)