Saturday, August 05, 2006

Buh-Bye Swim Season

There's a lot I like about swim season--including the fact that the concessions are cheap. But like all good sports seasons--they come to an end. Football--which will last from next Monday through the end of October--is kind of pushing it on the whole wear-out-its-welcome bit. It could help that there shouldn't be quite as many games as there were last year. Last year our league had that split-personality thing going on with the A and B teams. Since Max was on the B team he had to go to most of the A games as well as all of the B games. It was too many games! This time we switched to the "other" "big" league. There are apparently three different children's football leagues in State College. The Catholic football league, Juniata Valley football (last year's for us), and these people (who last year were part of Pop Warner, but this year are something else). It cost us three times as much and we have to drive to a field three times farther away from our house, and it seems to last an additional month longer--but every kid is supposed to play in each game. We'll see.

So today was the swimming championship. We went and Max gave a good performance in the relay, an average performance in freestyle, and a strong performance in back stroke. He had fun with his friends.

I found the sun stronger than I expected and retreated to the shade under the tree where I knitted and talked for a bit with one of the other Moms. But I started feeling kinda spacey. We hit the start of the second half and I went to the scoring table where it was my job to help calculate times and stuff and I found myself with that feeling of wanting to go hide under the bed and hiss at people. I apologized to the others for not being chatty, explained I wasn't feeling well, and sat and did my job, even as it got harder and harder to do the job. Blessedly, the second half went much faster than the first half (there were like 10 heats of freestyle, 2 of butterfly. go figure.) and we were soon free to go. It's weird isn't it--when you're coming down with something and you go from feeling fine to being full on sick in about an hour and a half? I had already agreed to let Max bring a friend home with him for the afternoon and I wasn't in any position to go around explaining to the kids that they had to change those plans. It was easier to just nod and wave and take the kids home. I checked in with Chris, told the big kids to play nice with the small kids if they all did the gamecube all afternoon, and went to bed.

When I got up, Chris agreed to take the boys back to the end-of-the-season-swim-picnic and I did dinner for me and the twins, walked the dogs, and did the reading lesson with the twins.

I still feel sick, but at least I can sit up and type. As for work? I'll just do the best I can. So, off to do that.

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