Saturday, August 19, 2006


The plan for today was sketched out like so: Chris would take his cars and bodies and go hang out at this other RC track until early afternoon. Then he would come home for an afternoon with me and the twins. I would not work. That was the extent of that. I could do anything I wanted but work. (Which makes it sound like maybe I would want to work, but I've been way overscheduled and I honestly don't.) Max would go with one of his friends all day to an event with that friend. The twins would be the twins. (They're four and for two and a half more weeks, they don't show up on the calendar much. This all changes on September 5th when they are flung bodily into State College, PA piano culture and preschool three times a week.)

Anyway, we had this rough idea that we'd take the twins "out" somewhere and go do something "fun."

At eleven I drove Max over to his friend's house and then the twins and I started home. We decided to stop and get lunch somewhere and on the way to "somewhere" I saw the Farmer's Market where I've been getting my half bushels of tomatoes. Like a drunk that spies a bar, I pulled into their parking lot and completely and totally unable to stop myself--I bought another half bushel of romas for making spaghetti sauce. I paid the good money for some lemon boy tomatoes to add color. I tossed these things in the car and drove home, wondering when I'd find the time to do sauce. In answer, the radio announcer predicted rain and thunderstorms on and off for the rest of the afternoon and evening. And then, it began to rain.

Back home, I got the boys inside, took the tomatoes inside, and not minding at all that it was getting me wet, I picked a bunch of the riper tomatoes and some of the oregano, basil, and parsley.

The afternoon is for the family but this evening I'm doing spaghetti sauce :) Well, that's for the family, too. But they don't always see it that way until later. Last year I did too much experimenting. While I liked all the other veggies in it--they didn't. So this year I'll reign in my tendency to riff and just make fresh tomato sauce. I can add more stuff at the other end after opening the jar.

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