Thursday, August 03, 2006


I have this friend who just can't look forward to winter. She'll decorate her house for halloween and put a beautiful Christmas tree and call me to make sure I know what night Santa is visiting Pine Grove Mills, but she HATES the cold, so she just can't look forward to winter no matter what.

I don't feel the same way about summer but I HATE the heat. I try to be an adult about it and put on my big girl panties and just deal with it. I run the sprinkler for the kids and buy yet another fan and run them all 24/7 (because it's still WAY cheaper than the in-wall air-conditioner we still haven't had serviced). But I hate it. Add that to a record combination of heat AND humidity for the East Coast and you have a recipe for a meltdown. It's only icky here from about the middle of July through the middle of August but the last few days have been over the top and I got back from taking Max to his swim practice and basically had a good cry about it all. For an hour.

Chris, recognizing the signs of a potential nervous breakdown, went into Good Daddy mode and took the kids to the Y, supervised swim lessons, did the reading lesson of the day, ran play-date taxi, and basically left me alone so that if nothing else, at least I could get some work done. Then, at the end of the day, he went to the store and bought dinner so I wouldn't have to cook and ice cream with a high chocolate content just to be safe.

The kids pulled out Micky's Christmas on video and watched that. I took a shower and sat and typed in front of the fan. The weather, despite upbeat promises about the heat breaking, hasn't really come through for me yet. We were promised a bang-up thunderstorm, but the storms seem to keep breaking up just before they get here. We haven't had one rumble. I'd really enjoy a good cracker of a thunderstorm right now. It is pitch black and 83 degrees. That's wrong, people. It won't drop lower than 73 over night. Can you blame me for being testy? I can't sleep!!


But I did get a LOT of work done today and I needed that sense of accomplishment. I'm hoping to get even more done before bedtime, and jeez louise I have a lot to do this weekend, but I feel better than I did this morning. And I think that was a flash of lightening. So things are looking up.


Aunt Charlotte said...

Hang in there sweetie- relief is on the way! I woke up to a cool morning here- both cats went out (it has been way to hot for Noel to do anything but lay on her back and pull her fur out) and will only get up to the high 80's today. Why- I think I can even start knitting again!

The Queen said...

I've been trying to work on the boys' sweaters. Prairie silk is a wool/mohair/silk blend in a fluffy, fuzzy single ply that knits up at 5 stitches to the inch on size 7 needles. I was making progress but I'm sure my gauge is off from the yarn sticking to my fingers.

Anonymous said...

Oh (((honey))).

I hate the heat so much, too. I know that I have no room for complaining, since I do have a/c (we literally use a/c all year round and we have NEVER EVER turned on the heat) but I just want you to know that I totally understand the hating the heat thing. It's a misery. Just an absolute misery.

~Jo's Boys