Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weather Musings

Yesterday was a grouchy day. We did fun things like go to Max's school's back-to-school picnic, but we weren't in fun playful moods. Chris and I mostly hung off to the side and tried not to look crazy or angry. The kids were fussy, but gave playing a shot. Max was probably the sanest of us all--which is good because it's his school and his friends. After an hour and a half and a lot of potluck dessert, we packed everyone up and headed home.

I worked. Chris worked. We all tried to play nice in spite of the oppressive . . . I don't know what. It felt like a barometric pressure issue to me, but I don't know whether it was too high or too low or what.

Then I couldn't go to sleep last night--until the rain rolled in. The rain rolled in and all the icky feelings went away and I went to sleep. Oh, how I wanted to sleep in this morning, but the dogs were having none of it, so I got up and walked them and then the rain came back.

And since then it has rained and rained . . .

And I am sleepy and groggy and on many different levels not at all awake.

But it's a pleasant kind of sleepy and groggy.

I like the rain.

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Dy said...

I like the rain, too.