Friday, December 08, 2006

Belated Yay

Today was Chris' birthday and we celebrated in typical understated style with a breakfast together at the Waffle House and then a dinner tonight of "a few of his favorite things" including honey-baked ham, potatoes au gratin, mashed potatoes, corn, cake, and Moose Tracks ice cream.

I got a long-anticipated check and just in the nick of time as the tires on the Expedition have been wheezing and giving long drawn out threats of dying--but I never believe my vehicle tires when they say they're dying. I give them long speeches about stiff upper lips and holding out a few more months and am forever surprised when that does no good. We spent the last ten days constantly administering CPR to the right rear tire and it was with great relief today that Chris refilled it with air for the last time and drove it across town to Sam's club where I wrote an obscenely large check to get four new tires for the Expedition.

It's like 15 times more expensive to get tires for the Expedition than for the Toyota pickup.

Of course when we were done I was reminded of why I liked the truck to begin with. With proper tires I was at about the seating height of a semi-truck and I like that when I'm driving. (Yes, yes, I know I'm killing the ozone and JUST as soon as I'm out from under this loan I'll trade it in for something more fuel efficient. But right now I'm too upside down thanks to buying it in VERY EXPENSIVE zip code and then moving to very cheap zip code.) I spent the same amount on my tires as the amount I have budgeted for ALL Christmas spending. ouch.

My to-do list for tomorrow:

1. Clean and tidy upstairs AGAIN
2. Finish baby sweater
3. Get all three boys to piano recital in decent clothing
4. Get all three boys through piano recital.
5. Go home, climb back into pjs, make serious progress on reading lesson

It's really freakin' cold here. Tomorrow it starts warming up again to impossible temperatures. Global warming is so wrong.

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