Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Knitting Update

Okay, there is a great deal left to do, but progress has been made.

1. Ben's socks are done. Maybe I already said that. That was a few days ago, but I'm still proud of myself for ripping back half of a finished sock that had been suffering from second sock syndrome and making it bigger to match the second sock. So, one really soft, sweet pair of socks done.

2. Then I finished the first of Max's socks. It occurred to me yesterday that I started that sock not long after the Olympics were over last year. I think late March. He's grown, too--but not his heel, I had left off shortly after reaching the instep, so all I had to do on that sock was go a little longer than originally measured. My ten-year-old's foot is 10 inches from heel to toe. I am now through the cuff and into the endless stockinette before the heel. This is Barefoot Mountain Colors and it's a joy to knit with. Even at 8 stitches to the inch or so.

3. I dropped most Christmas knitting yesterday though because a good friend is turning 40 and we were throwing her a surprise party last night. I wanted to give her something knit, but she has a nice collection of hats and mittens, so I went with a felted basket, loosely based on the Mason/Dixon felted baskets. I used their method, but made a longer, taller, more narrow basket in colors I thought she would like. I didn't have it done and dry by the party, but it was in the washer in its second felting and I got the third felting done before I went to bed this morning. It's drying at her house. I didn't think to take a picture. The small amount of mohair in Lamb's Pride bulky gives it a soft halo around the whole thing. Pretty. It will be perfect for holding soaps or papers and pencils or something. Not so much for jewlery. Or velcro.

4. Next up will be Milo's sock.

5. Then a pair of I can't really say for Chris, and, if the Christmas Knitting winds are with me, a second pair for Gaye.

I have, um, 8 days and one yarn store knit-a-thon on my side. Against me are two reading lessons and a set of six math pages. I spend the rest of today cleaning and organizing. At this point it all still seems possible.

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