Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Wednesday

Gramma Gaye arrived late last night. I finished up my work project and Max's Christmas socks. They've been washed and are laid flat to dry. I cast on for the shagged slipper socks I'm making Chris (don't click, honey) but it wasn't long before I could see that they were turning out on the huge side of massive. Chris has big feet, but this was looking like the start to a cover for my kitchaid mixer.

Now, I went the shagged slipper socks route because it's like 43 stitches around instead of 80 something around and they're on size 9 needles instead of size 0. It just seemed much more possible to finish the things for Himself who has size 12 or 14 feet or something. But with Max's socks finished, I'm now on Milo's socks. So we'll see how much I get done on his socks before bed time. If I finish his socks anytime today or tomorrow, I could, hypothetically, maybe, possibly, finish Chris' socks by Christmas. So exactly what I knit for Chris for Christmas is still up in the air. I have in my back pocket a plan C which involves finishing the snow-shoveling mittens I started for him a few weeks ago. This is an excellent plan C as the second mitten would take maybe 5 hours to complete. So if I get to noon on Christmas Eve and still have nothing for Chris, I can finish the snow-shoveling mittens.

It's just that there's no snow at all in the forecast, so it's hard to get excited about that.

Anyway, this morning the alarm went off at the usual time and I got Max in the shower and fed people and at some point decided that since Milo still sounds like a candidate for an Iron Lung and Ben's nose is starting to gush sympathetically, that neither kid would go to preschool today. Chris took Max to school and then we all went to the Waffle House for breakfast. (I have a problem exposing other preschoolers to my kids' snot and coughs--I don't have a problem taking them to the Waffle House when they are not running a fever or feeling miserable.)

After waffles, Gaye and I took the small truck and went Christmas shopping and Chris took the twins and the big truck and went home. Gaye and I hit the toy store, the kitchen store, Target, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Barnes and Noble. I finished the last of my Christmas shopping. I think I need some nuts and candies for the stockings, that's all.

We headed home, ate some noodles with butter and salt, and now we're having quiet time. Chris went to get Max from school and take Emily to the dog park. I get to knit the rest of the afternoon and evening. Tomorrow Chris will go do the last of his shopping and I will work on my last reading lesson before break, and much productivity will ensue. But right now? Right now I'm off to take a nap.

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