Monday, December 04, 2006

To Pom Pom or not to Pom Pom

I don't know how to set up a poll, so please respond in comments.

This little hat is for a baby boy who didn't get the "Please wait forty weeks for entry" memo and came at 32-ish weeks. He is now, I think, three or four weeks old. He's exceeded birth weight and is a hefty 6 lbs, 1 oz. I expect to hear he's heading home with mama any day. So, does the hat need a pom pom?

The hat isn't as pointy as it looks in the picture. Chris' hand is wider than the diameter of the baby's head, so . . .


educat said...

I am firmly and decidedly anti pom pom. It would be too much and your decreases are too pretty to cover them.

Because yes. I am a knitting nerd (knerd?) and think decreases are a thing of beauty.

Nice work.

slawebb said...

no pom pom! I no like pom poms! Pom Pom bad :(

Writing and Living said...

I am also a member of the anti pom-pon camp. I have never seen a hat that felt needed a pom-pon.

I agree with educat, also, in that your decreases are too pretty to cover.

Elizabeth said...

I wouldn't pom pom not because I'm anti-pom pom but because it might make the baby cranky.

So says the mother of the child who refused to wear a hat until she was two.

risha said...

No pom. Pom bad. Cranky baby. Cranky Risha. Bad pom, bad.

Becca said...

I wanted to add a measure of opposition, but then I decided that I'm in the no pom pom camp as well. With a pom pom, it looks like an outside only, strictly be in the snow kind of hat. Without it, well, the world is yours for the taking.

The Queen said...

I am ordinarily in the no PomPom camp, but had my doubts this time as it just looks sort of plain (without a baby in it, anyway).

But Becca, your comment (added to the other anti-pompom comments) is spot on. With the Pompom, it must be worn outdoors. Without a Pompom, it is stylish, accepted by all newborns everywhere as the equivalent of a stylish baby's pocket square.

(Knitting Knerd is funny educat. That can't go unsaid.)

PupDad said...

I am a card-carrying member of CHAPPD, Cranky Hippies Against Pom-Pom Defamation. And I want you all to know that the board will be hearing about this. You all will be cited for unabashedly hatist behavior. Heck, this just might qualify as a hat crime.

Lefty McNeedsacause
Fighting For Hat Rights & Equal Treatment of Hats Regardless of Yarn, Gauge or Color

Rebecca formerly of CTP said...

And I 9th. No pom pom. I think it would look silly, and babies have a knack for never keeping thier hats on straight. The pom would ALWAYS be crooked.

...although usually, I am a pom person. :) Just not for bitty babies.

P.S. I am the gramma of 3 and a half... well the 4th is real, just won't be born till March. Melissa - your former bbsitter - was married in October and is expecting a girl in early March.

AND... The hat is too cute for words!!