Thursday, December 14, 2006

House Tour

Here's my contribution to the house tour. First, let me begin by saying, hey, that clean living room IS part of my Christmas decorating. So, anyway, yeah, mine are kind of simple, but they're just the start. I'm not a big collector or a big hoarder, but I do plan on gradually increasing my Christmas decorations until they're just short of unbearable :)

You know, for the grandkids ;)

The front walk/yard/porch:
That's a light-up buck shaking it's head no in the background near to the porch. The long exposure makes the lights on the porch really pop, but there's garland there, too, which doesn't show up as much. There is a wreath on the front door that I don't think you can see either.

So you can't see much from the front hallway, but take a few steps in and I have this display. Here are close-ups of the bottom snowmen. And then a broader view from the other direction.

OK, from here we're in the living room and you can see the tree and the wooden advent calendar on the wall.

This is the tree skirt that we're working on. There is room for four "years" worth of artwork. You can see what we've got on there so far and I show a close up of the closing. It's really very nice.

These are the three needlepoint stockings.

Ben, Milo, and I also have needlepoint stockings, but they're all still on the stretchers waiting for me to put down the knitting needles and finish them. I swear I will do this before the twins graduate from high school. Promise. A friend actually did Max's stocking. I knit her son a mohair baby blanket--I wasn't experienced enough to know to block it, so it was lopsided and Max got the better deal. If I knew where that blanket was now, I'd properly block it and it would probably be a very nice lacey bit (it was a lace pattern--I'd made it up based on a scarf I'd knit the year before--but not working from a pattern, and this being before the days of knitting email lists and stuff--and me being on bedrest at the time--it had potential, but I didn't know how to properly finish it.) Anyway, I liked the stocking so much that I did the ones for Chris and Gaye.

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That's it for me! The laptop battery is dying and I have knitting to do. Hope you enjoyed!


Anonymous said...


Yeah, leave it to me to see the dog behind the beautiful decor.

Your home looks lovely!

Becca said...

Love the tree skirt and the stockings. Thanks for the tour!

amanda said...

i like the sprial trees out front!! how cute!

Merry Christmas!!

Jane said...

I like your tree skirt! I also like your dog! Merry Christmas!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Thank you so much for the tour! I love your display on the cut out of the wall and your Christmas tree skirt too! Have a blessed Christmas:)

judeandelise said...

I LOVE the tree skirt idea. I've been saying I am going to make a quilted one for years but now I think I am going to make one like yours. Thanks for the tour. Have a VERY Merry Christmas!

Susanne said...

Love how you hung the Christmas ornaments in that space and that tree skirt is a wonderful idea and how unique! Merry Christmas!

Mrs. B said...

Thank you for inviting us to your home. Have a Merry Christmas!

rocks in my dryer said...

Lovely--thanks for the tour!

Sarakastic said...

I've never seen ornaments hanging like that, I must now find a place to do that, love it!

Dy said...

Alaska, I love the decorations! The tree skirt is such a great idea (and I've been hoping you'd post a photo of it!) Everything you touch just turns to magical beauty, do you realize that?

LOVE the ornament string screen - what a creative idea. I think my boys might convince themselves it's a pinata. They'd be pretty torqued when no candy fell. And I'd be... yeah, maybe I don't try that for another couple of years. But it's beautiful!


Kelli said...

Your doorway ornaments are so neat!!! Your tree and stockings are beautiful. Thanks for having us over!

Carol said...

Now that is a GREAT skirt!

Thank you for sharing your home with us this season.

Merry Christmas!

Barbara H. said...

I am slowly making my way through BooMama's tour. :) I love the spiral trees in the front. And those needlepoint stockings are just gorgeous! That tree skirt is unique and clever, too. Thanks for having us over!

My tour is buried under other posts here.