Sunday, December 17, 2006

Things For Which I Am Grateful

In no particular order.


2. Children's motrin and Children's mucinex for Milo who came down sick last night with a fever and a bad cough. And for abuterol and pro... that other stuff if his breathing gets worse tonight/tomorrow (which, with Milo, it usually does).

3. Grown up versions of all of the above plus some powerful antibiotics for my mother-in-law who has the same problem Milo does, only she came down with it first, and because of all those nice miracle drugs, still gets to come for Christmas.

4. Church.

5. wool, needles, and some free time coming up between Christmas and New Year's

6. This year we'll have my mother AND my mother-in-law coming for Christmas. I'm grateful for that. I'm also grateful I can rent a couch for a week so we'll all have a place to sit.

7. Abundant work and the means and will to do it.

8. Good health in the other boys.

9. A clean house (for once).

10. Leftover cake in the fridge :)

and more . . .

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