Monday, April 23, 2007

Because Heaven Forbid I Should Have That Nice Feeling of Accompishment

I cast on two nights ago for a third shawl. I couldn't help it. I'd recently learned how to add beads to lace. I can't add beads to the Orenburg shawl and I'm not excited by the KAL pattern that the Sivia Harding KAL group is doing next (and for which they are adding beads, and for which I didn't feel I really had any appropriate yarn in stash), but I do have 5 skeins of Shimmer in colorway Flower Garden that Chris gave me for my birthday last summer. I also have this book (also a birthday present last summer):

and it just seemed to me that the Feather and Fan Shawl (pp. 56-58) (which is not the same as the Feather and Fan Shawl shown on the knitpicks site) was perfect for the yarn and would work with the beads . . . and the next thing I knew, I was casting on.

In the meantime, I am NOT done with the body of the Orenburg shawl. I slipped into some kind of weird space/time continuum issue and even though I'm still decreasing one stitch every other row and I can see the rows disappearing on the chart as I cross out each completed one . . . I seem to stay about 7" away from done.

This is probably just as well since I still have no idea how to finish the shawl given that my shawl is bigger than the shawl as originally written and I can't seem to get hold of the designer to tell me what to do about the teeth.

But I really wanted to finish it by the end of April . . . and I'm running out of April.


Aunt Charlotte said...

Ah, the urge to cast on- make a new begining- it's like making a new friend. My sweater for H is done, completely. It just needs a light blocking (really a wash, it is a baby sweater), and the buttons put on. Think I have done that?
But my big, major project continues. I refuse to start anything else until it is finished!

The Queen said...

You know, it's true. Casting on for me is a bit like adopting a new pet. Especially since it tends to take me the approximate life span of a hamster to finish anything what with 12 projects on the needle on any given day.