Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We Did It!!!

We put all four of our bikes (I don't own my own anymore, it was sacrificed in the great "pot latch" packing day when we discovered the exact square footage of our belongings and whatever didn't fit on the truck . . . didn't come) in the back of the white truck and drove to Max's school. I unloaded Max and Chris's bikes and Max put his stuff in the white truck. Then Chris took the twins to the bike path to ride their little red bikes and Max and I rode our bikes home.

Chris's bike has a seat that is definitely a man's seat. It's designed for narrow pelvic bones and I don't believe I have ever had narrow pelvic bones. Ow. BUT! We made it. We wish there were bicycle lanes between here and there. We wish people drove more slowly on those two roads. But we know we can do it and it was even fun :) Max was relieved to find it wasn't nearly as bad as he feared.

Go, us!

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Becca said...

Ouch! I feel that hard biking seat pain. But way to go!! What a fun thing the two of you are doing.