Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sunshine . . . On My Shoulders . . .

Makes me happpeeee!!! (And a little sunburned, but we're good. I wore a hat.)

The kids and I headed out to a local green house for onion sets this morning. The kids picked out pansies. When we got back, I put the tomatoes and peppers out on the back porch for their first day of real sunshine. We stopped at Lowe's for a few things for today's construction project and then headed home.

Then I needed to take the garage-door pieces I'd picked up yesterday and assemble them into a raised bed/cold frame, but Chris had taken the truck with all the pieces to run errands, so I got to work digging the hole that I was going to put it in.

While I'm waiting for the photos to upload, let me tell you about Denny's Magic Pizza. When we were visiting my aunt and uncle in Michigan (on the pretense of going to see the Yarn Harlot), Denny made us his famous homemade pizza. It really was the best pizza I've ever had and I got the recipe for his dough before I left. I've now made the pizza twice and it is incredible.

Besides the fact that it tastes fabulous and succeeds in being both thin and crispy, it's also got some kind of magical expanding quality. Two slices are enough to leave me gasping for breath on the couch all night. Chris, who regularly eats half of the delivery pizzas we get, had to stop at four slices. Both times we made it, we made one large and one medium pizza. Both times we've had leftovers. Given that I have three sons who all eat more than the GNP of some small countries, this is really saying something. They make happy noises and gobble the pizza down--then say they're full and roll off to go find something else to do.

Okay, pictures. In both, my hat is sitting funny on my head because I was too lazy to take the pony tail out before I put the hat on. Since the ground is mostly clay, the best way to dig the hole was to use a hatchet to loosen the clay and then when I had an area somewhat loose, use the spade to dig it out. There were TONS of rocks, which were easier to get out with the hatchet anyway.

In the very last corner I did, there was an especially large rock. It turned out to be five separate rocks, all smooshed together, of which the one shown below was the largest. But because of the placement of the rock, I couldn't set the wood frame into the hole without digging out those rocks. It took 20 minutes.

I started putting the frame together, but the drill lost its battery charge, so I'll have to finish that tomorrow after church.

The sun is starting to set and I haven't brought the tomatoes back in yet, so I'd better get to that. I'm soooo glad the sun is back!


PupDaddy said...

Yurr priiiiiitty.

Dy said...

Awww, PupMom Garden photos! You were a busy lady today. :-) I'm glad you got some sunshine, too. That's like a warm blankey from God, isn't it?

Don't envy you those rocks, though! Ugh! It's HUGE.


Anonymous said...

I have that same hat, as do all of the nona-genarians in the neighborhood.
Are you hiding a body? ....makes good fertilizer.