Saturday, April 28, 2007

Called to the Mat

Hubby: Honey . . .

Me: Hmm?

Hubby: What did you order from Canada?

Me: [Stalls for time. I don't remember ordering anything. Did I order something? Have I maybe been ordering from the Internet in my SLEEP? If I did, what account did I use?!?] What?

Hubby: You had a package at the post office. I had to sign for it, give a blood sample, finger prints, and show ID.

Me: Really? [NO! No, other than that KnitPicks order--which he knows about because he helped pick the color of the yarn, I have NOT ordered anything. Unless I DID order something in my sleep. Could I do that? Did I have Paypal, maybe?]

Hubby: The package says "books and yarn."

Me: The only thing I ordered recently was the KnitPicks ::inches towards door:: [Ooh! I don't remember ordering it, but books and yarn DOES sound like something I'd order. Where did I get the money?!? What kind of yarn is it? What COLOR is it? Is it a knitting book?]

Hubby: :::raises eyebrow suspiciously::: Hmmmm . . .

:::I flee:::

I tore upstairs to find the package. I read the label. I don't recognize anything. It does indeed claim "books and yarn." I try to open the package but it's industrial quality plastic and it won't give. I find scissors in the kitchen and open the package, unceremoniously dumping the contents out onto the table. There are three Latin books and a bag of sock yarn. I smile. Hornblower has sent back the Latin books I sent her to see if she might like the series. Ooooh yeeeeeaaah . . . Hornblower is Canada!! The sock yarn is just a bonus. I like the color way. I open the bag and squeeze it. It looks and feels a LOT like Claudia's Handpainted Merino sock yarn, but it's not her label, so I look more carefully at the label. Oooooooo! Koigu!!

I've never actually seen Koigu in person. It is VERY soft and a very pretty colorway that has just enough pink in it to make it entirely inappropriate as socks for anyone else in the family. Heh.

Yay, ME! I get to keep the sock yarn, I have NOT been ordering books and yarn in my sleep (Phew! Ya never know!), I am NOT in trouble with hubby, and I have my Latin books back. All's good!


Writing and Living said...

My mother-in-law once got a pair of boots delivered to her house. She didn't remember ordering them, but they had her name and address on the label, were the right size, and she loved them. She needed boots. She wrote it off as a senior moment...

But she just couldn't remember ordering the boots and it bothered her. She decided to look again at the address label to see if the name of the company could jog her memory.

The boots were for her neighbor down the street, who had the same first name. She walked the package to her neighbor and ordered another pair for herself. :o)

Hornblower said...

I tried to post last week & blogger would have none of it.....

Have fun with the Koigu! Daisy apologizes for the somewhat tangled skeins. I don't what got into her because she's not a mouthy dog at all but she decided to help me with those. So if Emily shows an extra interest in the Koigu, it's because Daisy gave them some lovin'.