Friday, April 27, 2007


I thought I'd mentioned it, but it's likely I haven't. In a couple of weeks I'm off to Canada for a few days to go to the IRA conference (very few Irish involved. It's a READING association conference. Any Irish there are just there to brush up on their reading research.) It's about the only time/place that large amounts of education publishing types get together in one place and about the only place I can go and meet some of my coworkers face to face. (Every few years I go to an actual project-specific meeting somewhere, but this is very rare.) Hence the need for my annual hair cut and cover-the-gray dye job.

I had to get a passport this year. The conference is usually somewhere in the U.S., but this year it's in Toronto (CA, not OH). This is actually GOOD as it turns out to be much cheaper and easier for me to DRIVE to Toronto than it would be for me to fly to most of the other places that they've held the conference in the U.S.

And now I have a passport so that when Chris and I are done getting totally out of debt we can finally take that trip to Venice and kiss under the Bridge of Sighs. Which you would understand if you ever watched A Little Romance. It was the first movie that Chris and I watched together when we were probably a year or two older than the movie's protagonists.

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